The Last of Us part 2: The first trailer here!

Techno 5 December, 2016

the-last-of-us-2The Last of US 2 arrives with a trailer! Discover The Last of Us part 2

Yet it was telling you there’s a week, there were chances for that Playstation Experience is the opportunity for Sony to unveil The Last of US 2 … and they did! Between that and the announcement of a new Uncharted you can find a video here , we can say that Naughty Dog has not been idle and still a lot of work with Sony this coming year!

As you can see in this first trailer, Ellie and Joel are back in what should be a direct result given the single entitled “The Last of Us part 2” . No “2017” and even less specific dates for the release of this new title and this friends, it does not smell good for a possible release next year! As they say, wait & see. What do you think of this trailer?