The launch of the Falcon Heavy: a car is recognized as the Mask companion

Techno 8 February, 2018

2018-02-09 05:47

The launch of the Falcon Heavy: a car is recognized as the Mask companion
Now the rocket car with the Mask has gone beyond the orbit of Mars.

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Space command, the U.S. air force has added to its catalog of satellites Tesla Roadster, which was sent into space on 6 February, the rocket, the Falcon Heavy, reports Rus.Media.

About this, the defense Ministry announced on the Twitter page.

“Yes, we have added a Tesla Roadster to a directory of satellites,” said space command.

In the list of machine listed at number – 43205. Agency staff said that while the vehicle is in earth orbit, they can track it using radar and telescopes, and other objects. Recall, the Falcon Heavy rocket was launched from the spaceport in Florida at 22:45 on February 6. It was a test run for testing the first missile capable of delivering humans to Mars.

Part of the rocket were transported to the Ukrainian plane An-124-100 “Ruslan”. Two accelerators simultaneously and successfully landed on the surface site, while Central missed and crashed in the ocean. Instead of cargo flew into space a private car Elon musk. A cherry-red Tesla Roadster is a mannequin in a spacesuit production SpaceX.

Launch cost the company SpaceX in a $ 500 million. The Falcon Heavy can bring 63.8 tons of cargo into low earth orbit. That makes it the most powerful of the existing missiles.