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Entertainment, Techno 17 July, 2017


Sexist, retrograde, fascinated, or shocked : the legs of Brigitte Macron are the subject of comment endless. Everywhere she goes, her outfits are short, his figure slender and his tan are the one of the press, far more often than his speech and his ideas.

You’re in good shape, beautiful ! The remark sexist Donald Trump about Brigitte Macron during his visit to Paris was the tour of the world in a few minutes. This was not the first about controversy of its kind for the american president, and this was not the first time that the wife of Emmanuel Macron was faced with comments about her physical appearance. It must be said that his figure, and especially her slender legs and sun-tanned, his obsession with public opinion and the media well beyond the borders of France.


Rebecca Cope, a columnist for the magazine Grazia UK, has published a long article on the subject, last July 14. In a text that is sharp, she says that the obsession around the physics of the first French woman in the international press bothers her deeply. It comes under several titles of the newspapers : Brigitte Macron shows off the legs very tan (The Express), legs to fall to the ground of Brigitte Macron show that in France, the age doesn’t mean anything (Vogue), or Brigitte Macron makes the mini-skirt is a style no-age (The Telegraph). The journalist believes that many of these comments emerge as a result of another fixette: the age of Brigitte Macron, 63 years of age, 24 more than his man.


In the beginning, people were disconcerted : why the hell a young man, attractive, and powerful would be interested in an older woman ? There have even been rumors that Emmanuel Macron was secretly homosexual. Rumors that the president has violently denounced, the taxing of sexist. In the end, how the media have, therefore, to remedy this disturbing age difference ‘reversed’ ? By focusing on the appearance overly ‘young’ Brigitte, writes Rebecca Cope.


This youth-obsessed culture is unhealthy, ” notes the journalist, but it applies, unfortunately, to almost all women a little bit famous. “Some are in ecstasies, and tell that Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez have not changed since 20 years or even became even more beautiful, but they criticize Nicole Kidman or Renee Zellweger for having gone too far in their quest for surgical rejuvenation…The legs of Brigitte Macron are only the latest example of a very long list, she laments.


Damage – in fact – read all these sexist comments at each public appearance of Brigitte Macron… Especially when you know that she loves short skirts, because they embody for her the freedom and the modernity !

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