The LG V30 could have a curved OLED screen

Techno 20 April, 2017

The LG V30 could be equipped with a curved OLED screen … Like the Xiaomi Mi Note 3! LG Display has already launched the production.
Earlier in the week, meltyStyle was sharing a concept of the LG V30 . With its Snapdragon 835 processor, 6 GB of RAM and 4 photo sensors, the South Korean smartphone was a dream come true. But it is not only by its power and its quality of photo that it could distinguish … According to the last rumor dated, it would also have neat design and excellent image quality thanks to a Curved OLED screen signed LG Display . Yes, for its future flagship, the Asian manufacturer would have decided to abandon the LCD technology that benefits its LG G6 to go up still in range. It promises !
According to the report published by The Investor , which would be in contact with sources inside the industry, LG Display would have started production of curved OLED screens. But the latter would not only be destined for the LG V30, that the fans of the brand wait impatiently. The Xiaomi Mi Note 3, whose features have recently leaked , would also benefit. With this OLED screen, the LG V30 could shadow its main competitors, like the Galaxy S8 that is already equipped with this technology, or the future iPhone 8 which should integrate it. At meltyStyle, we can not wait to get confirmation. Pressed to discover the LG V30?