The liberal Ghislain Bolduc, announced his withdrawal from political life

News 16 March, 2018
  • File Photo, Simon Clark
    Ghislain Bolduc

    QMI agency

    Friday, 16 march 2018 13:18

    Friday, 16 march 2018 13:18

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    LAC-MÉGANTIC – After six years as member of parliament for Mégantic, the liberal Ghislain Bolduc, announced on Friday that he should not woo a third term in the general elections of next October 1st.

    “It’s been a few months that I’ve started this reflection. It is a mixture of emotions that lives in me today,” explained the one who was elected as a liberal in April 2012, when Pauline Marois took power.

    “Life in politics, it is very demanding […] the territory of my riding is very large and the records of the national Assembly are infinite”, he also said.

    “Obviously, this rapid pace has forced a shelving of my personal and professional activities, I have agreed to do in my mandate, but I do realize that there has impacts that are very significant that have been suffered by my family,” he said, voice gravelly with emotion.

    He indicated, in particular, want to invest more time to his family and his personal projects.

    “I dare to believe that I have been to my citizens a good representative of their views on the subjects which occupied the government”, he also mentioned.

    Mr. Bolduc was a member of parliament for Mégantic July 2013 when a train full of oil derailed in Lac-Mégantic, a municipality situated on the territory of its district.

    It is the fourth liberal member of parliament on five in the eastern Townships, announced his withdrawal from political life, after Guy Hardy (Saint-François), Pierre Reid (Orford) and Karine Vallières (RIchmond).