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News 2 February, 2018
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    Mario Dumont

    Friday, February 2, 2018 05:00

    Friday, February 2, 2018 05:00

    Look at this article

    Do you know what is the relationship between the marijuana industry and what has been called the scandal of child care in Quebec ? In both cases, to take advantage of a new market, it needs a license. And who holds the power to deliver the precious license ? The government.

    The risk of corruption, or even undue use of political influence are often associated with the awarding of contracts. During the construction of roads or public buildings, one can fear that the process is rigged in favour of one of the bidders. In Quebec, the Charbonneau Commission has looked at contracts in the construction industry.

    The granting of permits has been much less often under the magnifying glass. Yet, it is, indeed, a critical power of a government, which can allow an entrepreneur to thrive and to its neighbor to stay on the straw.

    The time Tomassi

    Remember the time Tony Tomassi. The surprise had been great in the audience and discovering that suddenly, the actors in the day care setting were become donors significant to the fund of the liberal Party. The names of owners of child care appeared suddenly on the list of donors, the same year that they got their licence.

    These people were not associated with politics before. We don’t know if they were so hot liberals. One thing is for certain, someone has had a sobering effect during the year in which the permit would be issued and they preferred to say ” yes ” to funding the party in power. This recent example should we turn on the value of a permit.

    The production of marijuana is considerably more pay than the operation of a child care centre. With the legalization, the business opportunity is as big as the earth. But not in production who wants to… It should be allowed ! A permit issued by the federal government.

    This is why the interest is so great to watch the strong presence of players associated with the liberal Party of Canada in this industry. Same thing for former senior officials of Health Canada. People people think they are well placed to help the process.

    I have no doubt that on paper, the mechanisms of licensing production of marijuana should be rigorous, well controlled, based on objective criteria. As had the quebec ministry of the Family for child care. And yet…

    So much of money

    Memory requires, we have already had cases where obtaining a government decision in favour was not as pure in practice as in theory. When the sums of money involved are colossal, when the hopes of profits juicy shake the pillars of the temple, all the fine mechanisms public are at risk.

    It would be premature to shout to the scandal at this point. No element of illegality has been demonstrated. But let’s say that a few lights were yellow well-lit in the dashboard should lead to caution.

    The first one should be wary of, it is Justin Trudeau. The legalization of pot is associated directly to him. If it turned to the scandal, it would be difficult to disassociate.