The loneliest bird died in New Zealand In the World : Vladim

News 2 February, 2018

In New Zealand tragically ended in a touching love story in which a Gannet named Nigel, fell in love with a concrete statue of a bird, after three years he lived alone, died.


Many users have expressed condolences on the reason for the demise of Nigel, who impressed many people with his loyalty and dedication. On Mana island, the government decided to install a few sculptures in concrete, depicting birds to attract to the island the population of gannets, for some unknown reason, left the territory. Birds began to visit the island, however, once they realized that their fellow is not real, then flew away.

Only footed booby named Nigel left to live on the island of Mana, falling in love with one of the statues. The inhabitants of the island enthusiastically watched as Nigel vil nest for his lady and performed a traditional wedding dance. Even when the island flew other birds, Nigel remained with his lover. Local residents were grateful to Nigel, who managed to attract other gannets to the island.