The man allergic to the salmon rule out of court

News 29 March, 2018
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    Simon-Pier Canuel had remained a week in intensive care after an allergic reaction.

    Caroline Lepage

    Wednesday, 28 march 2018 16:46

    Wednesday, 28 march 2018 22:32

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    SHERBROOKE | The man who has almost died of an allergic reaction after eating a bite of a tartar of salmon entered into an agreement with the bistro in question. His spouse and him calling for more than a half-million dollars.

    Simon-Pierre Canuel has spent about a week in the intensive care unit, suffered a cardiac arrest and was two days in a coma caused after eating a tartare of salmon, on the 29th may 2016 at the Bistro The Raucous of Sherbrooke.

    He sued the administrators of the restaurant, Francine Larochelle and Jasmin Vallières, as well as the server Julien Vézina, for a total of $ 490,000. Her husband who accompanied her, Philippe Lavallée, was calling on her 25 000 $.

    The parties entered into a settlement agreement that avoids a trial.

    The amount of the settlement has not been revealed.

    Beef or salmon ?

    “A notice of settlement out of court will soon be filed in the record of the Court “, wrote the lawyer of Mr. Canuel, François Daigle, judge Francis Tôth, march 23.

    “Unfortunately, everything is confidential,” said mr. Daigle.

    When a witness sworn, Mr. Canuel said to have ordered several dishes including a tartare to beef, and that it has specified to be allergic to salmon.

    For its part, the server said that Mr. Canuel has, instead, asked a tartare salmon and he informed him of his allergy to seafood.

    When Mr. Vézina has served the dishes, he has them all named on the basis of tartar. However, he has never said so, according to court filings.

    As soon as Mr. Canuel has tasted the tartare salmon, he had an allergic reaction to be intense.


    The man in crisis was not in his possession of the EpiPen auto-injector. Her spouse, who was a resident in medicine, to make sure that it breathes, awaiting the arrival of paramedics.

    Mr. Canuel has experienced a post-traumatic stress disorder and severe phobia related to food. He even made a suicide attempt six months after the incident.

    Mr. Canuel also urged 420 000 $ to the FM 93 radio station of Cogeco and a journalist. A report claimed that he had been the victim of similar events in the past in Quebec and France, and that he would have sought to obtain monetary compensation of the restaurants.

    Mr. Canuel has denied this information, but it withdrew the lawsuit in April 2017.