The maniac sex Brossard bailer for up to 15 years penitentiary

News 20 December, 2017
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    Eduard-Stefan Georgescu

    Antoine Lacroix

    Wednesday, 20 December 2017 17:00

    Wednesday, 20 December 2017 17:00

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    The predator, nicknamed the Freak of Brossard, who had a dozen young victims in the vicinity of a transit station, was sentenced to a heavy sentence of 15 years in prison.

    Eduard-Stefan Georgescu was recognized in 2013 for his guilt on 20 of the 32 heads of a sexual nature leveled against him at the palais de justice de Longueuil.

    Judge Marc Bisson was sentenced Wednesday to serve 15 years and 6 months of prison.

    His modus operandi was often the same. The man was planning his attacks was doing reconnaissance in the vicinity of the terminus Panama to Brossard. He surprised the young women from behind, grabbing her by the hair or shoulders, when they were alone.

    His victims were all aged between 13 and 28 years old.

    Tip of a knife

    He had been dreading some of the victims asking for directions or complimenting.

    In most cases, Georgescu has demanded that his victims will do the blowjobs and the predator did not hesitate to threaten them with the tip of a knife to get what he wanted.

    A few times, the young women have managed to attract the attention of someone or to struggle enough to escape the attacker.

    Georgescu has raged in Longueuil during the year 2010, where he made nine victims in 10 months.

    A teenager of 16 years old was also assaulted in December 2012, under the threat of an imitation firearm.

    With preventative detention, the Maniac of Brossard will end up behind bars for 9 years and 8 months. Once he has regained his freedom, he will not be the end of his troubles, because he will turn 10 years old on the list of offenders to be tested, the maximum period permitted.

    There will be several conditions to be met, such as a prohibition to possess firearms and to communicate with its victims and their respective families.

    – With the collaboration of Claudia Berthiaume