“The matrix”: Neo from Moscow dodged a bullet on an arrow sent to the hospital : Crime news : Vladim

News 17 January, 2018

In Moscow there was a quite extraordinary case in which a man managed to Dodge the bullets fired at him from firearms, and then knocked out the gunman, who was in the hospital. Users of social networks compared character by character in the movie “the Matrix” Neo.


In one of the capital’s hospitals with head injuries of varying severity was the man, who was a robber. The man, who was attacked, told about all the details of the incident to law enforcement officials, who are currently coordinating the details of the incident. According to Moscow’s “Neo” on the street he was attacked by an unknown attacker who shot him with a gun battle. Without having become puzzled, the man dodged fired at him a bullet, then made a sudden lunge and a punch in the head of the attacker.

42-year-old attacker was admitted to the hospital with a traumatic brain injury closed and a concussion. Note that the incident occurred on Monday, January 15.