The mayor of Amos increase in his salary of 36.5%

News 7 February, 2018
  • Photo courtesy City of Amos
    Sébastien D’astous has been elected as mayor of Amos in February of 2015, to replace the late Ulrick Cherubin. He began his first full term of four years in November last, after having been re-elected with 92 % of the vote.

    David Prince

    Tuesday, February 6, 2018 23:27

    Tuesday, February 6, 2018 23:27

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    AMOS | The mayor of Amos benefits from a wage increase of 36.5% and becomes one of the best paid for a city of less than 15,000 citizens.

    The mayor of Amos, in the Abitibi region of Sébastien D’astous, shall receive a salary of $ 88,000 as, and an expense allowance of 16 595 $, that is, a total income of 104 595 $ for a population of 13 000 citizens, representing more than $ 8 per citizen to pay the income of the mayor.

    “We’ve done a rigorous assessment by comparing with similar cities. A correction was possible and we took a team decision. We we take full responsibility for our decision “, said Tuesday the mayor Of’astous.

    According to calculations by The Newspaper, only the mayor of Saint-Félicien earning more per citizen for a similar population.

    The mayor of Amos states that the comparisons have been made with Rouyn-Noranda and Val-d’or, the other two major cities in the Abitibi region, respectively, nearly four and three times more populous.

    Excessive ?

    “The responsibilities and the displacements are similar, even if our operating budget is only$ 38 Million,” said Mr. D’astous, which specifies that the allocation of expenditures 16 595 $ will become taxable at the federal level in 2019.

    A salary increase of 36.5% for elected municipal officials is manifestly excessive, said Carl Vallée, the canadian taxpayers Federation.

    “This was not the priority of the people of the prophet Amos. When one goes into politics, to serve the public, not to serve yourself, ” he said.

    According to him, a readjustment of wages in line with inflation could be acceptable in a context where Quebeckers are already the most taxed, but not a rise as sudden.

    Salary justified

    “It is money poorly placed. This money could have been better invested in services to citizens or a decrease in taxes, ” he said.

    Sébastien D’astous believes that, even if his city is less populous, it must offer the same services as larger cities, since it is the city-center of the MRC of Abitibi. It must therefore manage the equipment such as the arena, the theater, the airport and the library, which justify a salary that is more important.

    In march 2017, Amos has signed an agreement with its blue-collar workers. In eight years, their salaries will increase by 19.5 %.

    The taxes of the citizens of Amos have not increased for three years.

    Income of the mayor by citizen

    Municipalities with between 10 000 and 15 000 citizens

    • La Tuque: 6,87 $
    • St-Félicien: 8,88 $
    • Amos: by 8.05 $
    • Saint-Charles-Borromée: 3,82 $
    • Bécancour: 6,33 $
    • Gaspé: 5,96 $
    • Matane: 5,16 $
    • Lachute: 4,85 $
    • Rawdon: 4,48 $
    • Ile Perrot: 5.43 Per $
    • Rosemère: 4,34 $