The meal ready to cook more and more popular

News 12 February, 2018
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    For a little more than two years, Quebecers can buy and be delivered to the house what are called “services ready-to-cook”. The companies that offer these meal kit on the Internet are growing by leaps and bounds.

    For the past six months, Camille St-Love-Poupart and Jonathan Barbeau prepare four meals per week with kits to cook that they choose on the Internet sites of the suppliers.

    After having tried Market GoodFood, which delivers the ingredients at home, they have preferred the menus MissFresh that also offer the option of picking in a Metro supermarket.

    This week, their box, their cost is$ 80 for three or four meals of two servings each. All the ingredients come measured for each of the recipes that they prepare, on average, in 30 minutes.

    The box is designed to keep the freshness of the food. This formula is more suitable to the couple who no longer need to plan their meals in the recipe books or searching the Internet.

    “We realized that it was better to have everything prepared and not have to think about the meal of the whole week,” says Camille.

    Camille and Jonathan correspond to consumer types of kitchen kit, according to a poll by Neilsen, a couple of milléniaux urban without children who wants to eat well.

    We asked registered dietitian-nutritionist Nathalie Regimbal to examine the menus for the week of our couple and try meals Market GoodFood for his family of four people. She liked the nutritional content of the meals of the two companies, but with one caveat.

    “I would add vegetables to increase my amount of fiber and antioxidants”, nuance-t-elle.

    The magazine “Protégez-vous” has calculated that the portion cost of 9 to$ 11. This is 27% more than the same ingredients bought in a grocery store. If our couple finds these prices, would be less interesting for families with children, ” said Ms. Regimbal.

    “It is much more expensive than if I take my meat or fish in large quantities and that I do two lunches or a dinner with two lunch boxes”, she adds.

    Still almost virgin, the market for ready-to-cook is exploding. With its 450 000 members in Canada, the quebec-based company Market GoodFood has expansion projects in the west of the country.

    “The industry is ready to cook in Canada is 120 and $ 150 million per year. It is an industry that did not exist three years ago and which is now in 120, $ 150 million. It is expected that one million homes in Canada use within 5 years a basket ready to cook,” Jonathan Ferrari, CEO of Market GoodFood.

    If Market GoodFood enrolled in the exchange last year to fund its projects, MissFresh has chosen a partnership with Metro last August. Since then, the company has tripled the number of its employees. Here also we have expansion projects. The market is very promising.

    “Only 4% of consumers are familiar with the kits meal. ll have to take the time to educate the consumer,” says Marie-Eve Prevost, president and CEO of MissFresh.