The members of Option National have approved the merger with Québec Solidaire, at 90.7%

News 10 December, 2017
  • Simon Clark/QMI Agency

    Arnaud Koenig-Soutière

    Sunday, December 10, 2017 17:23

    Sunday, December 10, 2017 17:29

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    The members of Option national have approved the merger with Québec Solidaire, at 90.7%, on the occasion of the party congress, which was held today at Laval University.

    “I think that we write today a page of history in the independence movement, which inspires the moments of great” beginnings, launched, moved, the head of ONE Sol Zanetti in the moments following the unveiling of the results.

    “It’s been so long that it didn’t happen in Quebec “, he chained, referring to 1968, the year of the creation of the Parti Québécois.

    Lee co-spokesperson for QS, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois was also obviously very satisfied of the outcome of the vote.

    “It is a very beautiful day. I am very happy. A beautiful day for the independence movement, to the left, for all the people who want to transform Quebec for real. The next appointment is October 1, 2018, ” responded the member of parliament in solidarity of Gouin.

    With this merger, the party unified retained the name of Québec Solidaire, while Option nationale was to become “a group” within the party.

    Sling at Option nationale

    Among the 303 members who are entitled to vote, approximately fifty of them have been dissent slamming the door of the congress, a few hours after the election.

    The group, led by the ex-national chairman of the party, Jocelyn Beaudoin, believes that “hiccups democratic” have been committed by the national Board of IT.

    They claim that the vote was “noyauté” by members recruited in the weeks prior to the holding of the congress, who ” took their card for future influence on the choice of the members “. The dissenting members demanded the resignation of the leader Sol Zanetti and the suspension of the vote.

    Reacting to this sling after the victory of the ” yes “, M. Zanetti has defended have to recruit “heavily” of new members, although he has conceded have worked to bring in “members and candidates” inactive in the bosom of the party.

    We find that it is a shame. It could be foreseeable that those who are against the merger are an arm of honour. They have used the tactic ideal for attracting the attention of the media. It’s still 40 people on a conference of 300 people, ” he qualified.

    The next step for the party unified is the creation of a transition committee, which will bring together members of the two political formations.

    “[The] committee is going to have a mission at once simple and ambitious-to succeed in the amalgamation not just of leaders, but also members and energy, ” said Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.