The memorial of a murder victim has been trashed

News 8 August, 2017
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    The relatives of Stephane Prevost, who was murdered, had for three years its memorial, which was vandalized last week.

    Amélie St-Yves

    Monday, 7 August 2017 23:50

    Monday, 7 August 2017 23:50

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    The relatives of a man killed in 2014 while he was sitting on a park bench, on the banks of the Lachine canal, not décolèrent not since the place built in memory of the deceased has been vandalized.

    Stephane Prevost, 37 years old, loved to go for a walk along the Lachine canal. May 14, 2014, he was attacked and hit behind the head with a blunt object while he was sitting on a bench, according to his family. His body half-immersed, was found the next day, a few meters away, by a man walking his dog.

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    Stéphane Prévost, Murdered


    “He died in the place where he would fish all day. He even slept there under the stars, time and again, ” says his sister, Julie Prévost, more than three years after the assassination.


    It was natural for friends and family to install a memorial at the spot where his body had been found. They come there on a daily basis to maintain and collect. There are crosses, stones, rosaries and flowers.

    Since 2014, they are praying for a suspect was finally arrested for the murder of the father of three children. Even today, it has not made any arrests in this case.


    Last week, however, everything has been ransacked, which has shocked the relatives of Stephane Prevost.

    “Everything was broken. The flowers were uprooted, the cross also. I was not really in a good mood that everything is broken. It is a big lack of respect “, said Caroline Chartier, who knew the victim for twenty years.

    The sister of the deceased is also disappointed, but retroussait already short this afternoon to put the memorial in order and bring new flowers. She went there almost every day and maintains meticulously the place, going up to pluck the grass that grows around it.

    “It’s about someone bad, someone who cares,” sighed she.

    Julie Prévost believes that his little brother has been the victim of a senseless murder, which may explain why it has still not found his killer. The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) confirms his side that there is nothing new in the investigation.

    Ms. Prevost has lost hope to see the murderer arrested.

    “Unless someone in Lachine decides to talk ! There is someone, somewhere, who knows something, ” she said.


    His brother had some criminal history, but had delivered the order in his life and was sober for four years.

    The relatives of Mr. Prevost have an appointment on the 21st of August to redo a memorial even more beautiful than the first, in the same place.

    The report of the investigation of the coroner concludes that the death was violent, but does not expose the details, which could be filed as evidence in a murder trial.