The Microsoft Surface sell better thanks to the MacBook Pro 2016

Techno 13 December, 2016

Life is good for Microsoft. Sales of the range area have never been so positive and this is due to disappointment with the MacBook Pro 2016, according to the Redmond

All is well for Microsoft and nothing works at Apple. That’s certainly what we believe qu’aimerait the Redmond company which, through a note from her marketing manager, decided to return to the success of the range area. With great promotions during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Microsoft Surface sell very easily. Well, nothing yesterday, the Surface Pro 4 was offered at a reduced price from a dealer . And to the chagrin of Apple, Apple Addict discontent at the presentation of the 2016 MacBook Pro would have played in favor of the area. Also according to Microsoft, some consumers from Apple would have squarely decided to switch the computer headed to the area …

The Surface Pro 4 would sell better with the MacBook Pro 2016
According to Brian Hall, marketing manager of Microsoft products, “there has never been so many people who have left the area for Mac. Our exchange program for MacBook has never worked as well, wonder at the innovation area added to the disappointment with the new MacBook Pro especially in professionnels- pushed more and more people switcher to Surface ” . At meltyStyle, we do not really know whether to believe the letter about the marketing manager in his ticket but it is clear that the war of computers has not said its last word. If not, you can beautify your MacBook with a custom cable , if you feel you.