The militants burned alive a Syrian pilot who came to him in captivity

News 6 December, 2017

The militants of the IG* (organization banned in Russia) burned alive a Syrian pilot who came to him in captivity. Information about this distributes The Daily Mail. The pilot was captured in the spring of 2016.


The members of the criminal organization was hit by the MiG-23 Syrian pilot was in possession of the militants. The process of burning terrorists captured on camera. The man cut off all my hair and put on his orange suit. Followers forbidden in Russia, the ISIS radical group* has put his victim to his knees and threw him a chain at his throat. After the incident the pilot was chained to a tree and set on fire. The pilot died as a Martyr. The militants banned in Russia organization ISIS in this way taking revenge on Syrian government forces because they destroy their positions in the SAR.

This is not the only case where terrorists abused people. This summer they attacked the Libyan checkpoint and seized 12 people. The militants cut off the head of ten soldiers and two citizens.

* – The organization was prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation decision of the Supreme court