The minister Blais asked accounts to a senior official

News 10 January, 2018
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    Florent Francoeur, a High official in

    Axel Marchand-Lamothe

    Wednesday, January 10, 2018 01:00

    Wednesday, January 10, 2018 01:00

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    The minister of Employment, François Blais, accountable to the president of a commission under his authority who has admitted his guilt on Monday to charges in connection with sexual misconduct.

    Florent Francœur, currently paying almost $ 185,000 as president of the Commission of labour market partners, has maintained links secret with female employees while he was at the head of the College of human resources advisors.

    It is now likely the radiation life of the organization he headed until 2015.

    Learned in The Newspaper

    The office of the minister Blais, who reports to Mr. Francœur, the news reported by The Newspaper yesterday has created the surprise.

    Steps were taken yesterday, in particular with the executive committee of the Commission which “will pose some gestures in the next few hours, in the next few days,” says his chief of staff, Stéphane Gosselin.

    “The minister, reading the article, had a lot of issues,” he says.

    When Florent Francœur was appointed president of the Commission permanently in December, 2015, after having resigned from his or her professional order, the syndic’s inquiry was already underway since June.

    Information that Mr. Blais did not have when it submitted its recommendation to the Council of ministers, said his chief of staff.

    “It is an issue to be taken very seriously since it affects the labour market and labour relations “, added Mr. Gosselin.

    The appointment was made following a recruitment process conducted by the executive committee of the Commission, which defines, among other things, the orientation of the public Employment services-Quebec.


    As a senior civil servant, Florent Francœur is subject to a contract with the Secretariat for the jobs above.

    The ministry should also be aware of the situation on that side before taking a decision on the future of Mr. Francœur.

    “The answers are expected to follow soon “, said Stéphane Gosselin.

    Over a period of 20 years, Florent Francœur has had romances with five of its employees, sometimes at the same time, without them knowing it, and without informing his board of directors. Before the discipline committee, he recognized that he will be placed in a situation of conflict of interest in his sexual misconduct.