The minister François Blais, tabled his reform of the québec parental insurance Plan

News 22 March, 2018
  • Photo Simon Clark
    “If we had wanted to be caquistes, let’s say, and pronatalist, one would have said : Well, this is more than weeks of leave for the third child, by example, huh? It is heavier,” said the minister François Blais, in a press conference with the ministers Luc Fortin, Hélène David and Brigitte Thériault, the management board of the québec parental insurance Plan.

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    Thursday, march 22, 2018 12:32

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    In addition to being able to sprawl over two years of parental leave and 10 paid holidays for the unexpected with a child, adoptive parents and mothers of multiple pregnancy will soon have right to 5 weeks of reprieve.

    These are the main changes that the government Couillard wish to make to the québec parental insurance Plan (QPIP).

    The minister of Employment and social Solidarity, François Blais, tabled in the house the bill as a result of construction began last fall at the request of the prime minister Philippe Couillard, who is on a mission to give “more time” to the families.

    “What we present to you today, it is a reform enough of the québec parental insurance Plan. The plan dates back to 2006,” stressed in point press the minister Blais.

    The set of measures should represent a cost of$ 50 Million to the quebec State.

    As had already been announced by the prime minister, once the bill is sanctioned, it will be possible to take parental leave over two years rather than one.

    10 days over 3 years

    Parents will also have the opportunity to build a bank of 10 vacation days, they can use it, for example when their child is sick.

    “It is, in my opinion, the main, the most important innovation of this reform,” said Mr. Blais. […] These days may be taken from the birth of the child over a period of three years.”

    For a parent with the average benefit is approximately $ 100, this will be 1000 $ more.

    Equity for adoptive parents

    For the sake of fairness, the adoptive parents will now be processed ” on the same footing as parents who have natural children “, said Mr. Blais.

    Parents who adopt a child will each be entitled to a leave of absence exclusive of five weeks which will add to the 32 weeks of adoption benefits can be shared provided by the QPIP.

    For health reasons, mothers who have experienced multiple pregnancies are also entitled to five weeks of their maternity leave, which is currently 18 weeks.

    “There are more multiple pregnancies in Quebec (1300 this year). […] Pregnancy is, in general, more difficult, […] and the post-partum period also,” said Mr. Blais.

    They attack the CAQ

    He and his colleague Luc Fortin also took advantage of the opportunity to attack the Coalition avenir Québec.

    Photo Simon Clark

    “What they need, families in Quebec, in 2018, that is to have more time, said the minister of the Family. […] not […] to work 60 hours per week, as suggested by the Coalition avenir Québec.”

    “There is absolutely nothing pro-natalist […]. Therefore, it differentiates us from the CAQ,” said Mr. Blais.

    Reform of the québec parental insurance Plan

    Main measures:

    • Allow the parents to form a bank of 10 days of leave in case of unexpected with a child. For a parent with the average benefit is approximately $ 100, this will be 1000 $ more.
    • Possibility to extend the parental leave over two years rather than one.
    • 5 more weeks for the adoptive parents.
    • 5 more weeks for the mother living in a multiple pregnancy.
    • Delaying the termination of the payment of benefits upon the death of a child.