The minister Morneau on an ejection seat

News 11 December, 2017
  • Archival Photo, Boris Proulx
    The minister of Finance Bill Morneau has been in hot water during the whole of the autumn, his ethics have been questioned by the other parties in Ottawa.

    Maxime Huard

    Monday, December 11, 2017 00:01

    Monday, December 11, 2017 00:01

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    OTTAWA | the rate At which accumulate the controversy, the minister of Finance Bill Morneau will be hard to complete its mandate, agree many observers of the federal scene.

    “He can’t stay in office indefinitely. His situation raises ethical problems seriously, ” said Robert Bernier, a professor at the national School of public administration.

    Since the summer, Bill Morneau has cafouillé with the tax reform, it has had to justify its decision not to put millions of shares-in-trust, he received a fine for failing to declare a villa in France, he was the subject of an investigation by the ethics commissioner to bill C-27 and has had to defend the sale of 680,000 shares prior to the filing of a important tax.

    Image of the government

    The liberals have been elected to represent the middle class, ” said Mr. Bernier, as the minister Morneau returns the image of a party that spawn with the high finance. “Justin Trudeau can’t keep until the next elections “, slice-t-it.

    According to the specialist in political marketing, the prime minister could be tempted to let go of Bill Morneau the return of Holidays, to put the controversy behind him.

    “If we continue to learn of new revelations and that the minister continues to defend as badly, the situation will become untenable,” says Frédéric Boily, professor of politics at the University of Alberta.

    The expert in canadian politics maintains that liberal members of parliament could soon be pressure to get rid of Mr. Morneau.

    No successor

    The problem is that the liberal caucus, very young, does not abound with potential successors for a portfolio as important. The veteran Ralph Goodale has served in the post between 2003 and 2006, but he already has his hands full with public Safety, remind us of our stakeholders.

    Second obstacle : it does not compact easily the greatest treasurer in the country.

    “We have rarely seen a change of minister of Finance in recent history. We seek a stability to the finances : budgets are planned over a long period of time and the position embodies a vision “, according to Eric Montigny, professor of political science at the Université Laval.

    The last minister of Finance to have been relieved of his duties, Paul Martin, 2002, on a background of rivalry with Jean Chrétien for the leadership of the liberal Party. He had been in the position for more than eight years.

    Despite their status as numbers two of the government, ministers of Finance do not have the benefit of total immunity, said Mr. Montigny.

    “Justin Trudeau has to wonder if the minister can still do its work and, more importantly, if a mistake has been committed. If yes, the responsibility of the prime minister is to protect the institutions, ” he concludes.