The minister of Health defends its new menus

News 15 March, 2018
  • Simon Clark/QMI Agency

    Nicolas Lachance

    Thursday, march 15, 2018 12:41

    Thursday, march 15, 2018 12:43

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    The minister of Health Gaétan Barrette defends and ensures that the institutions comply with the delivery times of new menus in a CHSLD, contrary to what is stated in an official document of the Directorate-general of health.

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    The minister was reacting to the story the Newspaper published this morning which lifts the veil on the delays of implementation of new menus for the senior citizen who had to be completed everywhere in Québec by march 31.

    Reorganization difficult, deadlines, targets “unachievable” and contracts without a call for tenders with the private sector : there are numerous examples to justify the delays CIUSSS and CIUSSS.

    The date of 31 march is beautiful and well written black on white in the manual project organization of the Directorate-general services, social services, bearing the name : “draft revision of food in CHSLD”.

    This period falls within the purpose of the document was only some institutions, the minister said, ensuring you always have shown that the implementation of this reform, food would be the day before the end of this mandate.

    “The minister has always, and repeatedly, stated publicly that the new food supply should be in place by the end of 2018,” says the firm in a press release, quoting excerpts pigés in the newspapers. However, selected quotations have been called before the document is sent to institutions, or February 27, 2017.

    Disaster announced

    Far from being surprised by the chaos that seems to reign in the deployment of the diet reform, the spokesperson on health for the CAQ, François Paradis, breath that it was “an announced disaster”.

    “It was a big show gourmet. The minister is pourléché the lips in tasting his new dishes, new textures and new tastes, saying : we will have it all ! Here again, the government does not hit its targets”, has he hammered.

    He laments that institutions must cope with a lack of resources and a lack of equipment. “It causes headaches for organizations. They were not given the means,” believes the member of parliament for Lévis, desiring that the budget for the purchase of food in a CHSLD is doubled.

    The leader of the Parti québécois was not surprised to learn of the delays in delivery of the project. “The liberals have accustomed us to announce things and not to do,” he said.

    Lack of mobilization

    On the waves of LCN, the president of the Council for the protection of the sick, Paul Brunet, indicates that the minister’s “bullying” of employees, which is detrimental to the implementation of reforms.

    “We want to push and force the world to do business. It’s a bit the style of “bullying” the minister and I do not think that it is in the cache now. But, there is nothing better than a leader who is inspiring”, he argued, believing, however, that the positive impact of these new menus. “If he had had the talent to mobilize the troops, I am convinced, that we would have mobilized the world and that we would not have these pitfalls”.

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