The missing in 2015 the 14-year-old girl got in a sex prisoner : In the World : Vladim

News 9 January, 2018

In the British city of Coventry will soon pass the trial of three local men, who in 2015, kidnapped 14-Letny school girl and forced her to have sex for money.


Of the suspects soon have to go through the court. Recently they were detained by the police. They were residents of Coventry at the age of 20 to 21 years.

A missing 14-year-old girl received in 2015 from her anxious relatives. Later it turned out that the girl was abducted by three unidentified young men near the house. After that, they brought her to him, where he drugged and raped. This guys not done, the suspects decided to photograph the girl and put her pictures in the Internet. They began to seek men to have sex with a schoolgirl for money. For the week of 14-year-old captive he borrowed about 20 men.

To catch the suspects managed during the rescue operation police. They saw from the window of one of the houses trying to jump a young girl. Then law enforcement officers came to the house and found the missing informed the girl. She was only in underwear.

All three kidnappers and rapists awaiting trial.