The money for Justine Dufour-Lapointe: “It is a victory for families”

News 11 February, 2018

    Dominique Lelièvre

    Sunday, 11 February, 2018 14:52

    Sunday, 11 February, 2018 14:57

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    The emotion and pride have rapidly gained the family and friends of the sisters Dufour-Lapointe at the Lévis convention centre, Sunday, where they were gathered to encourage their protected.

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    After the voltage of the first rounds to the final, where the journey of the youngest, came to an end, it was the explosion of joy in the room when Justine has officially won the money.

    “It is very, very proud! It is sure that we would have liked to have two medals, but at least it has one. They went for the glory and a medal, it warms my heart,” exclaimed the grand-mother of Justine, Chloe and Maxime, Gabrielle Dufour.

    “The last year has not been the most easy for the whole family, then to see them continue to persevere and focus on their goal, it is to their honor,” said their uncle, Patrick Dufour.

    The assembly of forty people was assembled in the early morning, jet lag obliges. As a part of the family lives in Quebec city and Charlevoix, and that the three Montreal have received the support of several companies, it is in Lévis that the group had chosen to settle.

    “Nerves of steel”

    The sisters only recently, a month ago, to make public the disease that afflicts their mother for a year. A cancer, for which she is now in remission. “It has affected terribly, the three,” said another uncle, Gilbert Savard.

    After such a test, the performance of the bosseuses is all the more honourable, he added. “They are courageous, they have nerves of steel.”

    They may have not replicated their feat of 2014, where they had delighted the gold and silver, but the pride was too great in their entourage. The trio can have the feeling of duty accomplished, argued Patrick Dufour, who orchestrated the activity to Lévis.

    “Just to qualify for the Olympics, this is quite an accomplishment. […] These are proud athletes, then reach a second time the olympic games, a podium, one can only say hat” he expressed.

    “It is a victory of the family. They are family, the three together, they travel together, they do everything together, so today, it is the team that won,” he concluded.


    The uncle can thank his boss, Gilles Beaudoin, who has released his work for several days. Proud supporter of the trio Dufour-Lapointe, he still remembers that day when the young Justine, at the age of 12 years, has had the audacity to make a speech in a meeting of business people in which he was participating.

    “She took the microphone and she said that it would take money so that she could train and that he needed the support because she was going to seek a gold medal in the olympic Games. She had it and she gave it back with the money,” he recounted, with a smile.

    “This is truly an example of determination because when you hear it from the mouth of a little girl of 12-13 years old, you take it seriously, yes and no, you say to yourself that it is a child… but she was serious”, he finished.