The monitoring system made stealth aircraft the US visible In the World : Vladim

News 26 January, 2018

American stealth aircraft are visible after the introduction of aerial surveillance system. This was told in the Main Department of the United States.


The enemy is able to receive data about flights of military aircraft of the United States. This became a reality because of a new system for automatic monitoring of aircraft. For example, now stealth aircraft F-22 are viewed by the enemy.

According to the American civil aviation, before 2020, all military aircraft of the United States needs to obtain ADS-B. these mechanisms for the monitoring of movement in the air are a GPS receiver which determines the location of the liner and the characteristics of its flight, and a set of prientation. They broadcast information about the aircraft ground stations, and they send information to controllers and other aircraft.
New flying device with a responder Mode S and ADS-B transmits the code of the aircraft, the radar transponder number, registration number, longitude and latitude and speed. According to the Chief control Directorate of the United States, this mechanism allows opponents to track aircraft more precisely than do radar.