The most expensive painting Da Vinci will appear in UAE

News 7 December, 2017

In the UAE will have the most valuable painting of Leonardo da Vinci. The canvas will appear in Abu Dhabi.


Acquired a painting by a famous artist apparently, the Saudi Arabia Prince Bader bin Abdullah bin Mohammed. The painting “Savior of the world” the crowned representative of the Arab countries bought at auction in the US for $ 450 million. It is known that Prince has been doing business in the field of waste recycling, now he’s 32.

Newly founded art Museum “Louvre Abu Dhabi” announced that he was going to put in their own expozitii “Savior of the world”. Any details on this fact are not specified.

The aforementioned work of Leonardo da Vinci, previously owned by Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev, is the most expensive piece of art ever sold at auction. The picture 1500 years was among the 20 surviving slave