The mother-in-law in politics, an expression of the “mononcle”?

News 23 January, 2018
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    Karina Marceau

    Tuesday, 23 January 2018 17:31

    Tuesday, 23 January 2018 17:43

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    When a former leader of the Parti québécois dare to speak and interfere in the political debate, some journalists and columnists are having fun to use the phrase “mother-in-law” to the qualifier.

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    It has been said that Parizeau, Bouchard, Landry, and now today it is the turn of Pierre-Karl Péladeau to be blessed with such a qualifier. Mother-in-law, seriously? If the term colored is input into the morals policy in the early 80’s, nearly 40 years later, it is not a little mononcle as an expression?

    First long interview of PKP since his resignation, the mother-in-law is in town.

    11: 30 a.m., today. I’m lying on the dentist’s chair for a long treatment, an earphone in one ear. I will tune in to the radio of Radio-Canada as often. The micro, the two journalists I have great respect for the work : Martine Biron, parliamentary correspondent in Quebec, and Michel C. Auger, who anime Midi info with brio. However, now that they exchange on the first long interview that the businessman and former leader of the Parti québécois, Pierre-Karl Péladeau, has granted since its start, breaking up of the policy, there is a more than a year and a half.

    The journalists noted that PKP has entrusted to Catherine Perrin, host of Medium wide, its shared custody, sanctioned by the court, is living well. He added that his 9 years old daughter, Romy, suggested him to get back into politics. Of the “confessions” made on the eve of the caucus of the PQ, which will be held on 24 and 25 January in Shawinigan. A meeting of troops, separatists who wanted to ” time Focussed “, think the professionals the info. At the end of the conversation, they add :

    Martine Biron : “The mothers-in-law are always very active in the pq and Mr. Péladeau plays in this film. “

    Michel C. Auger : “I think Mr. Péladeau has received her card for mother-in-law, it’s obvious! “

    The mother-in-law of Claude Ryan

    A little later on the phone, Michel C. Auger reminded me that it is the liberal Claude Ryan, who had first used this term in 1981, while Robert Bourassa wanted to make a political comeback in a by-election. The politician, the statements often awkward had mentioned that this was not a good idea to have the mother-in-law in the household! The image has hit the spirits. Since then, the term has almost a historic character to the chroniclers policies that use it now more to qualify the former heads pq members than the liberals. A colorful, popular and a little bit funny to set the old chief who comes to meddling in the affairs of his successor. I would, but it is also a way to perpetuate the stereotype of the mother-in-law intrusive and unpleasant that sticks his nose everywhere!

    Claude Ryan is also the one who went into politics, ” guided by the hand of God “. Do you think that a politician would dare to say something like that today? Ask the question is to answer it.

    The cliché of the good woman, mother-in-law, who still has his word to say about everything – especially when we don’t want to hear it – and the “hand of God” : the two symbols of the same time. A by-gone era.

    Signed a mother-in-law, proud of, who meddles in its affairs