The murder of Daphne Loonie-Boudreault, a year later

News 22 March, 2018
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    Thursday, march 22, 2018 10:30

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    A year after the murder of Daphne Loonie-Boudreault, a crime that has shaken Quebec, the report of the Bureau of independent investigations (BEI) on the circumstances of this tragedy has not been filed. The father of the young woman admits to keeping a certain resentment.

    Eric Boudreault has not received new or call since. He wondered if it responds the same way to the young women who ask for help, or if there has been changes.

    On march 22, 2017 at Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Daphne Loonie-Boudreault had requested assistance from the police before being murdered, because she was afraid of her ex-boyfriend, Anthony Pratte-Lops. It was supposed to go to an apartment to pick up her cell phone, but it would not have waited for the arrival of an agent before entering. Pratte-Lops was waiting for him on the spot.

    Support of IVAC

    Eric Boudreault considers that the support of the IVAC has been beneficial so far. The sessions of psychological helped him get through this tragedy. However, after these 30 sessions, the help stops.

    The return to work is very difficult and he worked in particular on a guide of the Association of families of people killed and missing to facilitate this process.

    “We are missing what is precious to us, one of our children. It is impossible to live normally with, it really is to learn how to live and work, said Mr. Boudreault on the set of the 9 Hours. We find our job, but we are no longer the same person, then it is quite an adjustment.”

    Prepare for trial

    Alexandre Pratte-Lops, accused of murder not premeditated, following the judicial process. The preliminary investigation is completed and his trial will be held in April 2019.

    “Everyone tells us that it is long, but it is my business, has allowed Mr. Boudreault. It gives us time to regain our energy to prepare for the trial. It is preparing financially, too. The IVAC does not help us in this journey. If the trial lasts for two months, that’s two months without pay.”

    Last November, the minister of public Safety Martin Coiteux has set up a committee to review deaths related to domestic violence. He will deliver a report annually.