The musician wore a kilt and showed a penis, which has been on trial In the World : Vladim

News 6 February, 2018

Well-known musical figure Kirin J. Killian, who plays in the style of pop-rock, is accused of deliberate public display of his genitals that he made during the ceremony of the elite ARIA award, which is awarded to outstanding musicians.


An incident in which Kirin has publicly demonstrated his penis, occurred in November last year, however, the official announcement regarding the incident were heard by the musician. On the red carpet ahead of the ceremony, ARIA Killian came out, dressed in a kilt, and then showed the assembled journalists of his manhood. Note, the musician has not commented on his act, despite numerous inquiries by fans and journalists.


Note that after his antics the Australian organizers of various public events from now on not invite Kirn Jay Killian, who became persona non grata.