The must-have style: Here are 5 bath shorts that must absolutely shopper!

Techno 6 June, 2017

The summer is fast approaching and this time, you want to zap the swimsuit to make a real dive in beach shorts. Here are our top 10 swimsuits that must absolutely shopper.
Choosing the right swimsuit is not easy. Whether short or long, striped or monochrome, the swimsuit can make you young or old, beautiful or ugly. So, to stay stylish at the beach and in its surroundings without changing every two hours, the swim shorts is an essential part of a men’s locker room . There is nothing better than a beach swimsuit to feel at ease when swimming, but also to hang out in town or go out with her friends. MeltyStyle has therefore selected swim shorts that smell fresh, the story of dropping the moorings in the biggest calm.
Halfway between the swimsuit and the boardshort, the swim shorts can meet the expectations of a majority of men. If you’re a streetwear fan, Ünkut shorts should be your thing. For the shopper, it is by HERE that it happens! Otherwise , the French brand Happy Duck revisits with happiness the great classics of the swimsuit , while bringing a perfectionist care to the choice of the materials, and to the quality of the manufacture. At the writing, we really kiffé the cache to the water man, this sky blue bathing suit with raspberry patterns is available by HERE .
On the printed side, the vegetable or geometric patterns were also used. And in this game, it is the young Parisian brand Château-Landon that offers drawings of Art Deco inspiration. If you want to shopper one of these pieces, it’s here. The French Brief also offers nice swim shorts in its collection. In the editing, one validates the white model with the tricolor elastic. For the shopper, it will take a turn on the eshop of the claw, here . Finally for lovers of tanning, these shorts signed Ellesse will give a little marathonian look to your thighs. You can get it from Asos, right here . Otherwise, you can also discover our selection of sneakers for summer 2017.