The network got the video loading T90-C on a cargo ship for shipment to Iraq : In the World : Vladim

News 2 February, 2018

Popular on YouTube published a video where an eyewitness captured the moment of loading modern Russian tank T90-the ship, which will send the machine to participate in the fighting in Iraq.


To the middle East to perform a number of combat missions have a total degree to go 73 modern tank T90-C. Experts have suggested that the camouflage applied to combat vehicles, suggests that the tanks will go to Iraq. Tanks loaded on a cargo ship, special design allows the machines to carry out use of weapons, without tying up the main engine T90-S. these models are tanks provided with additional security features which ensure maximum safety of the crew of the combat vehicle, but also greatly increase its remotepoint.

World-renowned American tanks “Abrams” has not received the accolades after their operation in Iraq, due to the fact that the car was quite vulnerable to defeat anti-tank guns and its complexity of repair.