The new chief of POLICE wants to “do the cleaning”

News 21 December, 2017
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    The acting director of the Montreal police, Martin Prud’homme, has received the representatives of the Journal in his new office Wednesday.

    Éric Thibault

    Thursday, December 21, 2017 01:00

    Thursday, December 21, 2017 01:00

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    “People say to me : “Thank you for being there, it is happy, it wants you to do the housework.” They are tanned problems. It has to stop. “

    Martin Prud’homme has been entrusted by the Journal on Wednesday that he had “a great question” when he consented to leave the management of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) to take the head of the police of Montreal, December 6 : is the “Blues” were going to accept him, a “Green” of the provincial police, as a leader ?

    After all, this is a first in the 174 year history of the largest municipal police service in Quebec.

    “We’re going to fix that “

    It was his answer every time he goes to see his troops to present themselves, talk to them about his vision of the SPVM and ask about their concerns.

    He welcomes him as a savior, wishing him welcome with applause and handshakes that he considers ” sincere “.

    On Tuesday, a dozen of his investigators have even put the shirts in the colors olive SQ for people loosen up their new leader in the meeting for the first time.

    “I’m not a savior, but it touches me deeply, assured he who says proudly wear their new white and blue uniform. This is the most important for me. If people do not accept my vision, we will not advance. You can’t force an organisation of 6000 employees to follow you. There, we will be able to correct the situation. We will bring back the trust, as she has already been here in Montreal. “

    Rebuilding trust

    The ex-investigator of the squad Wolverine admits that he has “a lot to deal with” during his short mandate of one year.

    At the top of his list, there is the urgent need to “turn the page” on the crisis of internal affairs (see other text), and to rebuild the bonds of trust between citizens and the POLICE.

    “For me, this is non-negotiable. It’s going to take transparency and honesty in our communications, internally as well as externally. It is necessary that people understand what we do. “

    Rather, the baffles

    The successor of Philip Pitcher also wants to put an end to the internecine wars of the SPVM, in particular, between cliques of the gendarmerie and of the investigations which reach their climax every five years when the time comes to find a new director.

    “It is necessary to stop these baffles in 2018. It makes us move backward. And the races of the chiefdom as if it was political parties who were battling it out, it bothers me. It leaves scars after. “

    In addition, Martin Prud’homme believes that it is “essential” to clean up the climate that prevails in this organization including the good shots often remained in the shadow of the bad.

    “The last two or three years, it just speaks of the problems of the SPVM. However, the SPVM is a good police department. If Montreal is a safe city, it is thanks in large part to its officers. Then, it is up to all of this that I will tackle. I have accepted this challenge. I think I can make a difference. “

    He wants to stop the debacle

    Martin Prud’homme believes that the crisis of internal affairs, was so toxic that the SPVM was ” impossible to operate “.

    “Investigations have been done poorly, rights have been violated, said the new chief of police in montreal. I felt in talking with our people that it was really a major issue that has undermined the confidence of the house. “

    Since the revelations of our investigation agency in February last, the investigations of this brigade of police officers of the SPVM in charge of investigating the misconduct of other police officers have been assigned to the SQ and other municipal police services.

    Act fast

    A half-dozen high-ranking officers — including the ex-boss of internal affairs, the inspector Costa Labs — were also suspended because they were covered by claims of criminal that is the subject of an investigation by the SQ.

    Mr. Prud’homme wants to remedy that, and fast. “I’m not someone who is very patient. From the beginning of 2018, I intend to present my view of how we are going to take over or share the internal investigation of our service. It is necessary that people believe in and trust. “

    What he said on…

    His quick decision

    “I was not prepared. I learned it the day prior to the announcement of 6 December. A sub-minister for public Security has told me that I was the choice of the government, the department and the City of Montreal. “

    The city hall and the police

    “I see really wrong of me to be told by elected officials how to work. I had two meetings very positive with Ms. [Valerie] Plant. I felt that there was a line between the administration and police operations. “

    The organized crime

    “I’ve made it a priority of the Sûreté du Québec and I am going to hold the same speech up here. We will not leave the citizens on the island of Montreal be intimidated by organized crime. We will put the resources necessary to address them. “

    The internal discipline

    “I can guarantee you that the days I don’t work with someone I do not trust. If there are officers who have not acted correctly, even without being charged criminally, I am all over it. “