The new ethics commissioner of the national Assembly “will not hesitate to recommend sanctions’

News 2 February, 2018
    Ariane Mignolet is the new ethics commissioner of the national Assembly.

    Charles Lecavalier

    Friday, 2 February 2018 16:52

    Friday, 2 February 2018 16:52

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    In the Face of the citizens, whose “confidence is eroded”, the new ethics commissioner of the national Assembly Ariane Mignolet says that she will not be afraid to recommend sanctions for mps guilty.

    “To promote adherence to the code, it can’t be the stick. But for that the population is reassured, it is also necessary that there are sanctions that exist, which are applicable and not just theoretical,” argued Me Mignolet in the interview with our parliamentary Bureau.

    Entry into service in may 2017, for Me Mignolet has waited several months before making a public release, the time that the former commissioner Jacques Saint-Laurent finished its latest surveys.

    “They asked me, when I met with the different political parties before the appointment is effective, if I had a set of dentures, sharpened. I think I’m going to exercise my mandate with fairness and equity. I will not be afraid to recommend sanctions, and I’m going to do it, but with accuracy,” she explained.

    To Me Mignolet, who was previously the functions of DG of legal affairs of the national Assembly is not done in hiding, she feels the “trust eroded” the public towards the institutions. Its predecessor was often criticized for its reports dull. Sam Hamad had committed a breach of the values of the Assembly, but had not been blamed. The employees of the PQ paid by public funds have beautiful and well-made labour supporter, he concludes, without, however, go further.

    Under his reign of seven years, Me Saint-Laurent has not bitten only once at the very end of his mandate : it is the independent mp and former caquiste Claude Surprising who has suffered his wrath in last December.

    “In terms of credibility, it’s been 17 years that I am a witness of the political scene, I don’t have rose-colored glasses, we see it, there is a certain cynicism”, she noted. She wants to be more present in the media to “make a little way by promoting a better understanding of my role”, she explained.

    It does not intend, however, to turn everything upside down. The code of ethics is, according to her “very advanced and relevant” and it provides “flexibility and a margin of manoeuvre”. She does not wish to prohibit the double job of the political staffers to not “hinder the political commitment,” recognizing, however, that it is necessary to tag it. She doesn’t want to put an end to the practice of issuing verbal warnings sought by the deputies, which are sometimes used by them for clearance.

    As to the controversy on the partisan activity of the attached policy, I Mignolet request to the Office of the national Assembly to clarify the rules : the status quo does not allow him to settle, because his seven employees do not have the necessary tools to investigate their use of time.