The new FLAVR shell dresses your iPhone 7 or iPhone 6 for Spring 2017!

Techno 14 April, 2017

At the hour when the sun begins to install its suitcases, it is high time to dress your iPhone 7 in spring colors. And this shell with real flowers will give you (re) give the smile!
In this spring season, your iPhone needs to be a beauty again. If you want to dress it in the flamboyant colors of the season, the new hulls of Flavr will no doubt be your happiness. At the writing, we had the opportunity to test a hull from the Real Flower collection with our matte black iPhone 7 that has been recently paired with a Huawei Watch 2 . Aesthetically, our side fashion addict has quickly kiffé this customization with a transparent and trendy shell. Without further ado, discovers this accessory quite sympathetic.
Composed of real dried flowers compressed in the silicone of the hull, the Real Flower collection sends heavy. Its flamboyant colors and the realism of the motifs make it a unique range. Delivered in several designs, Amelia, Grace, Ella and Daisy, these shells that will put your iPhone 7 in perfume of the day are available for purchase, by ICI. Otherwise, you can also (re) discover our grasp of the iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) Red, the newest of the Apple.