The next smartphone photo sensor will be ultra-thin and lens-free!

Techno 26 June, 2017

Caltech on a photo sensor that will take up less space on your smartphone!
Tech does not stop! Caltech is developing an ultra-thin sensor that will revolutionize the art of photography and selfie as photoelectric sensors are increasingly big and present on the front of our smartphones! If the Moto Z2 Play is thinner than its big brother , its sensor is prominent …! The Caltech chip is composed of 64 receivers on an 8×8 grid, with an accuracy that allows it to read a bar code . In this video, we see that it is much thinner than a coin! Unfortunately this technology is not for now … Patience!
Today, smartphones with big targets are commonplace in the market. They can be powerful, just like the One Plus 5 and its breath- taking night mode , they take a little too much space … This ultra-thin and lensless photo sensor is capable of reproducing an image with simple calculations of Brightness! It can easily switch from fisheye to telephoto in no time. For now, Caltech is only at its first attempt and is working on a more advanced version of its sensor. So we’ll have to wait a bit before all the smartphones are equipped with it! What do you think ?