The niece of the father Joveneau wants to meet Justin Trudeau

News 28 March, 2018
  • Photo Magalie Lapointe
    Ms. Joveneau with the love letters that his uncle has written.

    Magalie Lapointe

    Wednesday, 28 march, 2018 01:00

    Wednesday, 28 march, 2018 01:00

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    The niece of the “Monster of the North Shore” is disappointed that Justin Trudeau has not spoken out about the revelations of the Innu of the North Shore for 39 years of abuse committed by Alexis Joveneau.

    Since Friday, The Newspaper reports of the testimonies are overwhelming for many victims of the oblate father Alexis Joveneau, who was sexually assaulted, psychologically and physically, women, men, and children for the innu. He arrived in Belgium in 1952 and died in Unamen Shipu on the North Shore in 1992.

    One of its main victims is his niece. Marie-Christine Joveneau has been assaulted more than 200 times when she was 21 years old and that she had made on the Coast-North to work with his uncle.

    archival photos, BANQ

    Marie-Christine Joveneau with his uncle Alexis, on his arrival at Unamen Shipu, in 1981.

    Psychological help

    It is a trip to Quebec to do to know its history and ensure that the testimony of the Innu to be believed and that they receive psychological help.

    Yesterday, she attempted to contact the office of the prime minister Trudeau, in vain. She will continue to call until his departure.

    “I would like to insist that he should use his influence to go until the end of investigations concerning the abuse experienced by aboriginal women,” said Ms. Joveneau.

    The woman, 57-year-old has crossed the Atlantic to come and support Aboriginal people who, like herself, have been victims of his uncle Alexis Joveneau.

    Not a question of money

    “I never expected not to this magnitude from the media. Now, I would like to insist on the right of the Aboriginal people and Inuit. I want them to be heard at the same rank as the White man “, she said.

    Ms. Joveneau is even willing to delay his return to Belgium to meet with Justin Trudeau.

    For the Belgian, it is inconceivable that the people believe that the aboriginal victims had denounced Alexis Joveneau to be compensated.

    “When you have kept this secret for so many years, you don dénonces not to receive the money, you dénonces to free yourself “, she added.

    She even wants to absolutely receive no compensation. What she wants is that justice, and especially that First Nations can have psychological support services.