The Nike iPhone, sapes and sneakers are indispensable to the eyes of American teenagers!

Techno 11 April, 2017

Between sapes, sneakers and smartphones, American teenagers are spoiled for choice. But the iPhone, clothes and pairs of basketball signed Nike dominate the desires of consumers.
It is a secret of polichinelle: the American teen consume a lot. Burgers, sneakers, clothes … everything goes on. Fortunately, Piper Jaffray , the analyst specialist, publishes a survey on the desires of American teenage consumers every six months. And the latest one shows the craze around the iPhone, which the Red version throws . 76% of the teens interviewed have an iPhone and 81% of respondents would like their next smartphone to have the Apple logo. As for sappers and sneakers, the US teenagers are also true fans of Nike products.
The rumors around the highly anticipated iPhone 8 have undoubtedly played an important role in this craze around the headed smartphone. As for the giant of Oregon, it is considered by the young Americans to be the best brand of sape and sneakers, nothing but that. And given the different colors of the Air VaporMax, the new silhouette of the brand at swoosh , the trend is not expected to change by the end of the year . And you, what is the smartphone you want to shopper in 2017?