The Nokia 3310 is still operational, after a car rolled on it!

Techno 26 May, 2017

The Nokia 3310 version 2017 looks less sturdy than its ancestor, the 3310 of the 2000s. A crash test compares the resistance of both phones.
The Nokia 3310 continues to sink a lot of ink. While the release of the 2017 version of this legendary phone in the various outlets is fast approaching, everything has been said or almost about this feature phone. We wrote our first steps with the Nokia 3310 (2017) . But it was still difficult to adapt to the materials used on this device. So, a nagging question arises: Is the Nokia 3310 as solid as its ancestor whose robustness was matched only by reputation? A crash test gives us some answers.
The company SOSav , the specialist spare parts and repair guides of high-tech products, has not hesitated to disassemble the Nokia 3310 and make it undergo a crash test. If the new phone resists most tests (dropping the first floor, passing underneath the car), it fails worse than its elder . While the old Nokia 3310 could come out unscathed from a machine wash, the new version of this phone that can easily associate with your iPhone seems to have a lower resistance to water. Like what, it was better before …