The North Korean foreign Ministry: “nuclear demon” USA preparing for war

News 6 December, 2017

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the DPRK recognized by the US a real “nuclear demon”. The teachings of the United States and South Korea “Alert as” can be regarded as a warning of a possible war.


In the political international arena can not decide exactly who – the US or North Korea – is a true provocateur of the conflict. Two States constantly “pulls the blanket” on itself, threatening nuclear attacks, insult each other, but then none of the parties to the dispute does not dare to go.

Thus, today, North Korea’s foreign Ministry acknowledged the military exercises the US and South Korea are a provocation for an open armed confrontation, sort of a early demonstration of military power of the country.

In addition, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the DPRK called US a real “nuclear demon”, because one cannot know exactly when this “stick shot.”

However, no matter what, that North Korea – as it itself says is a counterweight to the United States to the world, as if a shield shielding him from the aggression of Washington.