The oil of iran in flames off the coast of China and sank

News 14 January, 2018
  • AFP


    Sunday, 14 January 2018 05:50

    Sunday, 14 January 2018 05:50

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    BEIJING, China | oil of the iranian fire was sunk eight days after the collision off the coast of China, reported on Sunday, the official media chinese so that the thirty-odd crew member is still missing.

    The tanker Sanchi, with 136, 000 tons of light hydrocarbon (condensate) at its edge, has caught fire on January 6, following its collision with a freight ship chinese.

    The accident happened about 300 kilometres to the east of the chinese city of Shanghai. “According to the latest news from the public Administration in the ocean, the Sanchi has sunk completely,” said the agency official New China.