The olympic Park will inaugurate the place Nadia-Comaneci

Sport 4 October, 2017

Photo: Graham Hughes Archive The canadian Press
The former gymnast Nadia Comaneci

The olympic Park immortalisera in the stone the name of the gymnast Nadia Comaneci, one who ” embodies the olympic Games in Montreal “, naming a place in the name of the athlete during a ceremony in which she will be present Wednesday morning.


The site managers want to honor the one who is “an inspiration” notably for her ” tireless commitment to promote gymnastics “.


By way of a press release, the president and ceo of the olympic Park, Michel Labrecque stated that “we have, in some way, adopted this young girl” in 1976.


Mr. Labrecque adds hoped that this symbolic place, a testament to the affection that dooms the population to Ms. Comaneci.


The commemorative space located between the Biodôme, the sports Centre and Montréal Tower, which has undergone a rejuvenation of 1.4 million, will be renamed.


He carried with him for more than 30 years the name of the place Winners, in honor especially of the countries having won a gold medal during the 1976 Games.


The new place Nadia-Comaneci bears his name, a portrait of the gymnast, his perfect score and an explanatory text in French, English and Romanian, her native language.


The bronze plaque installed in 1986 and are inscribed with the names of “Winners” has been restored and reinstalled.


The olympic Park has also been engraved on the place names of more than 6,200 athletes who participated in the 1976 olympic Games.