The owner of the submarine Nautilus accused of killing Swedish journalist : Crime news : Vladim

News 16 January, 2018

The scandalous incident with the owner podloki Nautilus Peter Madsen has got a new twist. The man charged with the murder of the journalist. Information about this was shared at a staff of the Associated Press.


Madsen confessed to the dismemberment of the Swedish correspondent. In addition, he is accused of inappropriate behaviour with the body of the murdered. Journalist Kim Vallee agreed to a walk on the submarine Nautilus with Peter Madsen in the beginning of August, and on the following day the man made a statement about the disappearance of his companion. The headless body of the journalist was found two weeks later in the territorial waters of Denmark.

It is reported that later, after a series of interrogations, the owner of Nautilus confessed that dismembered the girl’s body but didn’t kill her. Kim Vallee died allegedly for reasons of carbon monoxide poisoning, and divide it Madsen decided ostensibly to bury.

This version, however, did not inspire confidence in law enforcement, because they continued the investigation of the criminal case, which ended with the murder charges.