The Oxford dictionary has named the popular word of the expiring 2017

News 15 December, 2017

One of the most famous and largest dictionaries in the world – the Oxford English dictionary, spoke about how the word became most popular in the expiring 2017. According to the compilers of the publication, the word of the year was youthquake.


The word is composed of two others, one of which is the youth/young people (youth), and the second jolt/shock (quake). Youthquake word means any strong changes in the political, social, or cultural nature, which was the result of influence, or of some action committed by young people. The editors of the Oxford dictionary noticed that in the previous year this word was used more than five times less than in the present. Especially active people used the word youthquake during the parliamentary elections in the UK last June.

In the list of contenders for word of 2017 also includes kompromat, meaning dirt and antifa, containing a sense of movement anti-fascist orientation.