The pedophile-the recidivist from the Kursk region abused 13-year-old girl

News 7 December, 2017

Already serving a sentence for a similar article a repeat offender just out of prison, lapsed. In the village Korenevo, Kursk region, pedophile committed harassment of a sexual nature to a new 13-year-old victim.


Sitting before 3.5 years for charges of pedophilia, again prosecuted under the same article. 16 July, sitting before a man arrived in the village Korenevo. The suspect was walking down the street behind his victim and making sure that he had not been watching, ran up to the girl and began to touch different parts of the body. After the criminal has completed his crime, the girl ran home and told my parents about everything. The stepfather of the victim on the same day, found the guy and handed him to the police station.

The attacker long-term imprisonment is not fixed. Now the suspect faces a more restrictive period under article 132 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation for the recurrence of the crime.