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A snapshot of the presidential dinner organized at restaurant le Jules Verne, on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, the president and Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte with the presidential couple american, has been circulating on the web and has made a lot of the reaction of the internet users. We see the hand of Melania Trump placed on the thigh of the French president. A photomontage coarse reminiscent of the attacks suffered by the first lady during the presidential campaign.

On the occasion of the 14 July parade, the us president, Donald Trump and his wife Melania were in the spotlight at Paris, and were received in great pomp by Emmanuel and Bridget Macron. If many images of the meeting of the two couples have been on all the tv channels and on the social networks throughout the weekend, one of them has caught the attention of internet users.

We see the wife of the american president, the hand on the thigh of Emmanuel Macron, at the presidential dinner held this Thursday, July 13, on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, the restaurant Le Jules Verne, the michelin-starred chef Paul Ducasse.

The photo that triggered the 3rd world war

— CLZZ (@clooz2012) July 14, 2017

It is obviously a photomontage, very easy to spot, entitled “the photo that triggered the 3rd world war”. In fact, for this dinner as ” friends “, the First Lady’s not wearing any bracelet in the wrist or sleeve long on the arms. Gold, on the fake shot, you can see that the wrist Melania is covered. It seems evident, therefore, that this hand is not hers and has been added to the original image.

This fake reminds unfortunately the attacks that have been made to the unusual couple that make up Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron. All means are good to post rumors that have already, in the past, deeply wounded by the current First lady of france. One remembers the rumors of a liaison between Emmanuel Macron and the president of Radio France, Mathieu Gallet. This time, it is Melania Trump which is at the heart of the controversy.

Her husband, Donald Trump should see that a “fake news” in the beginning of his mandate chaotic. Something to feed his tussle with the press across the Atlantic…

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Photo credits : AP/SIPA

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