The pilots of videoconferencing in Syria told Putin, when will return to Russia

News 11 December, 2017

The pilots of videoconferencing in Syria told President Vladimir Putin when you return Home. According to the pilots, they already go home. Putin 11 Dec visited SAR during the visit, spoke with a colleague Bashar al-Assad and the military.


The Russian President thanked the pilots for their dedication and service to the Homeland. He wished the children and their families good luck and congratulated with the coming New year. Putin noted excellent performance of the combat mission in Syria. FSI Russian and government forces Syria to destroy the terrorists. A strong criminal group fell in the struggle with the military. Now politicians in Damascus need to think about how to arrange peaceful life of people. A new stage begins, it will require maximum effort.

The RF displays the bulk of the troops from Syria, as a proscribed organisation in this country destroyed. In the SAR will remain the only Russian base in Tartus and Hamim. Western countries are trying to downplay the significance of videoconferencing in the victory over terrorists in Syria, but Moscow recalls its achievements and the controversy terminated.