The police brought the threatening explosion at Domodedovo airport man

News 6 December, 2017

Said earlier about the presence of bombs in the Moscow airport “Domodedovo” the man was detained by law enforcement and taken to the police. The head of the press service of the police Department on transport of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Yelena Balabanova has confirmed this information.


She also added that the attacker was taken to the duty office for further checks. Employees of law enforcement agencies brought the attacker to law enforcement authorities for further examination. Already under investigation on the incident. It is not excluded that in relation to men a criminal production.

The interior Ministry also remind that the arrested person refused to undergo the screening procedure at the airport and said that among his possessions is the bomb. Before the arrival of the bomb site was cordoned off by law enforcement.
The audit gave an opportunity to establish that men are in possession of any dangerous items. A criminal case will be initiated on the article “False message about a terrorist act”. Also checked was whether the man drunk.

On the night of December 4, one of the entrances to the airport “Domodedovo” had to shut because of a man, immediately declared that in his bag is a bomb. Suspicious passenger first pushed on the floor and after being covered with body armor.