The police check the video on traffic violations Alexey Panin : Crime news : Vladim

News 1 February, 2018

The police will check the data on the recklessness of the actor Alexey Panin while driving. Footage of the visit of a movie star fell into the global Network.


Moscow law enforcement agencies interested in the video, where the Russian actor Alexey Panin violates traffic rules. In the recording you can see how the artist goes at high speed without holding the wheel. Your adventures on the road of Moscow Panin was caught on camera and published in the personal account on the social network Instagram. One of the moments he promises to “take off” on Gagarin square. The police are going to hold him accountable for such actions on the roadway. Law enforcement officers study action Panina driving.

Earlier, the actor revealed to fans of the rendering procedure of hair. He went to the beauty salon to improve their appearance. Alex was going to apply paint on your hair to hide the gray. Jokingly, he announced the intention then to go on a date.