The police in all its states

News 20 December, 2017
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    Josée Legault

    Wednesday, 20 December 2017 12:32

    Wednesday, 20 December 2017 12:45

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    In democratic societies, the worst threat would be the endemic corruption of its political elites. The second would be to see the dawn in its womb the emergence of what is called a police State.

    In Quebec, there is no need to spend too many words on the first. The commissions Bastarache and Charbonneau have done each of them in turn.

    As to the second, if it is true that Quebec is not threatened by a police State within its own ranks, it remains that the police, as a power and as an institution, is in all its states. And there is nothing in this situation smells like rose water.

    To the Unité permanente anti-corruption (UPAC), rien ne va plus. And the list is long:

    The confidence of his great patron, Robert Lafrenière, was shaken for months. There is internal crisis. Arrest of liberal mna Guy Ouellette, without charge. The survey Mâchurer on the funding policy illegal, the QLP sideways. Close to troubling between the head of UPAC, and his own son-in-law who is also the grand patron of the SQ, and now, appointed as patron of the SPVM for one year, the time to “clean up” the internal crisis that also saw the Montreal police Department. The boss of the UPAC that pays itself in the policy by announcing surprisingly that it does not proceed to any arrest or search during the next election campaign. In other words, do not throw more, the court is full.

    In short, the evidence of police who, in Quebec, is dangerous in all its states do not lack.


    Now that Yves Francoeur, the president of the powerful Brotherhood of police of Montreal, between decidedly in the same dance dysfunctional : “The Sûreté du Québec has concluded that the allegations of Yves Francœur about a criminal investigation that would have been prevented because she would have referred to two elected liberals were unfounded.”

    Result : one of these liberals, the minister Jean-Marc Fournier, requires an apology on the part of Yves Francoeur. The mayor of Québec, Régis Labeaume, asked bluntly in his resignation.

    Especially, we expect clear explanations of the president of the Fraternity of police officers.


    This is the portrait factual.

    On the political front, the situation is also worrying in some of the major police forces of Quebec, the citizens are losing their latin.

    That is it, then, arrived in Quebec for political leaders has left to rot this situation at this point and for such a long time?

    There she is, the real question.

    In fact, since the Spring student of 2012, the impression is that of police forces that the governments were left free to expand their own powers. And internally and in quebec society.

    Also, in the wake of scandals of corruption and collusion at the origin of the creation, among other things, the Charbonneau commission, a cloud of constant suspicion is installed remains above the liberal regime under which these same crises, as if by chance, follow each other also to the SPVM and to the UPAC.

    Not to mention this nonsense ultimate where Jean Charest, then prime minister, created him-even the UPAC and called his boss while his own political party, the LIBERALS, would be the first targeted by these same surveys.

    Here above, I persist and sign : it is there of political behaviour worthy of a small village where the elders will appoint them.

    Where a finding is inescapable: in Quebec, it is clear that the citizens ‘ trust in the executive power and the police is severely undermined for years.

    The next election will know how does it clean the slate with heavily stained?