The police officer skateboard is being talked about around the world

News 11 December, 2017
  • Photo Chantal Poirier
    The agent Thierry HinseFillion gave last week for its first conference at Spin Skatepark de Brossard, at the quartier Dix30, in front of about thirty young.

    Claudia Berthiaume

    Monday, December 11, 2017 01:00

    Monday, December 11, 2017 01:00

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    Of the United States to Australia through the United Kingdom, the history of the patrol skateboard police de Longueuil has made the tour of the world. The project of this ex-dropout has been successful, to the point where it is hard right now so that it tells the story of her life in schools.

    When he spoke of his idea of patrolling the skateboard to its chef, Thierry Hinse-Fillion was far from suspecting that his name would be cited as an example to China and Vietnam.

    “It is unimaginable !” he said.

    Following a report published in The Journal last June, media from across Canada and abroad have told the unique story of the police officer.

    A team from the Guardian newspaper is coming to Britain for the filming. A journalist of New York has been asked to patrol with the agent of 32 years, but had not had time to make it happen.

    Hundred stories

    This fall, the president of Influence Communication, Jean-François Dumas, has identified more than a hundred reports dealing with the patrol officer in Longueuil in the world.

    “A young police officer, a former dropout, close to its fellow citizens. It is simply magical. […] At a time when the image of the police officers is challenged across America, who will complain of such an influence “, wrote Mr. Dumas in the section Debates of The Press+.

    On the local scene, Thierry Hinse-Fillion is also very popular. His initiative to patrol the skate parks of the urban agglomeration of Longueuil has been a success.

    From June to October, day and night, it has developed a privileged relationship with the followers of skateboarding, while performing stunts on his own.

    “After 10 minutes, the people had forgotten my uniform. They were just someone like them. It allows you to create strong connections, ” says the agent.

    He has also met several young people living issues, as a school family. The police officer who stopped school at the age of 15 years – to return to 23 – uses his passion for skateboarding in order to show that one can achieve his dreams by persevering.

    Back in 2018

    “If you are able to skip a stair in skate, you’re able to do many things” shows there.

    Interestingly, the police never had to make arrests or issue citations during his patrols. “My presence alone was a deterrent “, he notes.

    For the chief of police of Longueuil, the project has been very successful.

    “It will be renewed next year, but I don’t know in what form exactly,” says Fady Dagher, adding that other police officers have signified their interest to participate.

    During the winter, Thierry Hinse-Fillion give lectures in schools. Thirty young people from school Heritage have also moved to Spin Skatepark quartier Dix30, a lifestyle on Tuesday for the meet.

    “If it can change the image of the police and give a better reputation to the skate parks, it is so much better “, summed up the co-owner of Spin, Stéphane Vallée.

    Police of Longueuil launches a competition of tag with young people of its territory. All the details are available on his page Facebook.