The Pope intends to amend the text of the prayer “our father”

News 8 December, 2017

Pope Francis announced his desire to change some lines of the world famous prayer “our father”. According to the cleric, when translated into several foreign languages some sense of prayer is lost.


The head of the Roman Catholic Church noticed that in some foreign languages, are translated prayer, the meaning of the sacred word is lost, or in some cases principalsa. The Pope said that in some translations the impression that prayer contains the assumption that God can enter a person into temptation, which, according to Francis, can not be. The priest also noticed that in the French language in the lines of the prayer calls for God to not have allowed a human to succumb to temptation.

As reported VistaNews, due to the different interpretation of different translations of this prayer, the Pope said that he doesn’t like some of the lines of the Holy Scriptures, which, in his opinion, should be correct.