The popularity and debauchery: the Inhabitant of Novokuznetsk beat up wife for sex-video network

News 19 December, 2017

In the Kuzbass 30-year-old husband beat up his wife for publishing a sexually explicit video on social networks.


The right keepers became aware that they have arrested the man was previously convicted. Inhabitant of Novokuznetsk became addicted to hard drugs because of what, in all likelihood, he just lost control of himself. The man saw video of an intimate nature, which was captured his wife, in one of the social networks. Jealous literally lost his temper and began to beat up a woman. When the victim managed to escape, she grabbed the child and ran away in an attempt to escape to the neighbors below. From there she already called the police.

The police arrived with the soldiers of the guard, who helped to detain violent husband. The first attacker for a long time did not open the door, but later, when he came to, the door was opened by his elderly mother. The police took the rowdy to the police.